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      Louis XV. stood leaning against a great inlaid bureau near the window. My grandfather was just then playing with a beautiful sporting dog of which he was very fond. I approached the King with timidity and embarrassment, but I soon perceived that he was in a good humour....

      MM. les magistrats, connaissant de rputation les chemises de lcrivain, rpondent avec une gravit toute municipale:

      Moi, je crois quil nen avait pas,

      Cherchons bien les chemisesWhile she was at Romainville there was a most awful storm, the sky which had become deep yellow with black clouds of alarming appearance, seemed to open and pour forth flash after flash of lightning, accompanied by deafening thunder and enormous hailstones, which ravaged the country for forty leagues round Paris. Pale and trembling, Mme. de [80] Sgur and Mme. Le Brun sat looking at each other in terror, fancying that they saw in the awful tempest raging around them, the beginning of the fearful times whose approach they now foresaw.

      Paul I.Terror he inspiredDeath of the mother of Mme. Le BrunMarriage of her daughterMoscowThe Tsarevitch AlexanderAssassination of Paul I.I salute my EmperorMme. Le Brun returns to ParisChangesLondonLife in EnglandParisSeparated from M. Le BrunSociety during the EmpireCaroline MuratSwitzerlandFall of the EmpireRestorationDeath of M. Le BrunOf her daughterTravels in FranceHer niecesConclusion.

      In the ill-furnished, dilapidated h?tel salon of Mme. dEscars Pauline came in the evenings, after a day spent in the poor lodging upon the scanty food she could get, passing her time in reading, in devotion, and in doing what she could to help others.


      Dvques et de grands vicaires,Return to FranceThe inheritance of the Duchesse dAyenLoss of the Noailles propertyInherits the Castle of FontenayDeath of Mme. de la FayetteProsperous life at FontenayConclusion.


      Mon beau voyage encore est si loin de sa fin;


      The years of separation while he was in America were most trying, and her sister, Louise de Noailles, shared her anxiety, as the Vicomte de Noailles and Comte de Sgur joined the Americans in 1779.